Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mobile Phone Mast on Boulogne Road

The mobile phone mast outside the garden of Boulogne Road Recreation Ground is now in operation. In erecting this cleverly designed construct which fades into the street scene to the point where it can hardly be distinguished from the adjacent trees, the mobile phone operator 02 has displayed a level of disdain which befits a profit hungry multinational company. 02 have repeatedly been asked for a report which shows that further work was carried out to source an alternative location. It is my feeling that there is no additional report and the Community Liaison Officer, Jim Stevenson, took the view that once the mast was erected and operational, the residents would just go along with it and maybe even rejoice in the zero increase in signal strength (02 iphone users already had excellent reception in this area). It should be noted that just this month the EU issued a report identifying the dangers of electromagnetic fields on school grounds. NB. the mast is yards away from two nurseries.


7th May
Reminder sent to Mr Stevenson.
25th March I requested again that Mr Stevenson forward the report from the radio planners.

4th March
Mr Stevenson agreed to forward the results of the radio planners in the area.

25th February Upon seeing the outline of the planned mobile phone mast, I contacted Jim Stevenson the Community Liaison Officer for Telefonica 02. At the public meeting Mr Stevenson agreed to go back to his 'radio team' to request another survey. The residents at the meeting had accepted a mast was going to be erected in the area, but wondered if a more suitable location, for all concerned, could be found. He replied with the following email:

Sorry Mr Khan I meant to send this mail earlier. We have not had any luck with finding an alternate site to this one, therefore we will be commencing work in Early March and continuing from there on in. I would like to thank you for your interest in this site and wish you all the very best for the future.

8th February I received the following email from Mr Stevenson:

We have been Looking Mr Khan, but have found nothing as yet. I have asked the radio team to extend the search as much as possible and let me know the result of this. I should be able to come back to you next week with a result.

Note: sarcasm in italics.
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