Monday, May 09, 2011

Hunger strikers in Croydon.

I am concerned about the health of the three hunger strikers who are camped outside Lunar House in Croydon. I introduced myself to the three Iranians yesterday and was welcomed into the tent. They were pensive at first because just minutes earlier someone had verbally abused them.

Thirty Four days have now passed. What is the intention of the authorities? Are they to starve themselves to death? According to Dr Gill Gillespie from Iranian Refugees Action Network, brothers Mahyer and Mehran Meyari (pictured) and Kevan Bahari are intent on taking their own lives. Details of their protest has even been covered in the Grauniad.

The men claim they were beaten, tortured and in one case raped for their part in the Green Revolution in Iran. They said that Gavin Barwell MP had spoken to them (reported in the Croydon Advertiser). Lunar House falls in his constituency.

Whatever the conclusions their case worker previously reached at the Home Office, one additional factor needs to be now considered. I understand their protest has been reported in Iran. Arguably, they have now embarrassed the Iranian regime and once sent back they would be fearful of some action taken by the authorities, if they weren't already (which clearly they are).

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Anonymous said...

you cant threaten the english borders agency, if you could welsley road would be full of tents
with asylam seekers starving themseves to death,

Anonymous said...

so if u think fuckin Wellesley road would be full of asylum seeker why fuckin uk government always talkin about human right or human dog what ever i believe after 5 years wasting my life in such this fascist country
iranian government much better than you ..whats difference between u and iran government,,, they kill by gun and they hung people but here they kill people in an other way ..they make people to do suicide.shame on you UK government shame on you ,,,,,

peter said...

i don't understand any of that, was written by an illiterate

pingsi said...

anon said "wasting my life in such this fascist country"
and muslums arnt fascist's?

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