Sunday, May 29, 2011

George Webley 29 May 1957 - 07 May 2011

Today is George Webley's birthday!!! Big George, as he is more affectionately known, died earlier this month at his family home in Milton Keynes. He was a radio presenter on BBC London. When I first listened to his show, I was gobsmacked that someone with such an "in yer face" or rather "in yer ear" maverick style could be allowed to broadcast on the Beeb. In my opinion, his shows were nearly always engrossing. Many a time he would sail close to the wind, a consequence of allowing extreme views expressed by callers.

One particular show was very heated, with some very ugly views being expressed by homophobes. Big George just about kept it together, but it seemed like hard work, challenging the views of narrow minded ignoramuses. I was sufficiently moved to email George the following morning commending him on his good work. To my surprise I received the following reply:

I truly appreciate you taking the time not just for emailing me but being part of the solution. We have a beautiful world but we treat it so dreadfully. YOU keep up the good work too

Big George
The Croydon Green Party web site and this blog are tagged at the bottom of my email messages and George must have noticed it, and maybe had a root around. I always got the feeling he was 'green' minded.
Anyway, I continued to email him and also text his show. I also called his show live once:

I spent many hours listening to Big George's show, either live or on iplayer.

I remember him saying live on his radio show that he felt he would probably be remembered for writing the theme tune for a topical news quiz programme. George Webley composed/arranged the theme for Have I Got News For You........ How wrong he is.

He will be missed by so many Londoners. My thoughts go out to his family.
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