Monday, November 29, 2010

Robin Hood Tax

The letter from Councillor Maggie Mansell has reminded me that I still haven't received a reply from her about the Robin Hood Tax, at least a satisfactory reply.

29 September 2010 08:37
To: Mansell, Maggie
Subject: Robin Hood Tax

Dear Maggie,

Hope you are well.

You might remember our conversation about the Robin Hood Tax at the Croydon Summer Festival (Mela day).

If Labour is a progressive party and not a party that will bend over backwards to accommodate the banks, why won't it adopt the Robin Hood Tax as party policy?

Many more international organisations now feel it is increasingly feasible. See the link below:

Yours sincerely

Shasha Khan


On Fri, 1 Oct 2010 09:37:04 +0100, "Mansell, Maggie" wrote:

What is your stance on the NHS white paper?


Sent: 08 October 2010 11:44
To: Mansell, Maggie
Subject: Robin Hood Tax

I think maybe you might have accidentally deleted part of your response to me. Can you explain why Labour won't support the Robin Hood Tax? By the way, the NHS white paper indicates how far this government will go with their destruction of our services. As you know, they are planning on full privatisation of NHS service across England, a move utterly opposed by us. Their agenda is hidden under the guise of Foundation hospitals and Social Enterprises.

Best wishes,


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