Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Dent to plans to build an incinerator??

DEFRA has withdrawn the £113m in PFI credits allocated to the South London Waste Partnership. The money was meant for the successful waste contractor to build an incinerator to serve Croydon, Sutton, Merton and Kingston.

This news first appeared on the Recycle Now web site

Croydon Guardian article

East London Lines article

Press Release:


Croydon Green Party responds to news that DEFRA has withdrawn PFI funding for the South London Waste Plan

Shasha Khan of the Croydon Green Party said

"Sadly, I don't think this means that plans for the incinerator are now at a standstill"


"We have to remember the SLWP procurement document stated the value of the waste contract to be worth £1billion. Even without PFI credits this is a relatively small dent to the profitability of the overall project, especially as the successful contractor has the scope to handle hazardous commercial waste and waste from councils outside the partnership."


"I am in no doubt those bidding to win the contract have built into their business plans a contingency for such an occurrence. Equally, the contract notice states SLWP reserves the right to source alternative funding, suggesting the Partnership had covered the project from such an eventuality."



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