Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Letter in Croydon Advertiser re trains

Dear Editor,

I presume your article on the record levels of happiness with Southern Railways refers to services from East Croydon. At Norwood Junction we have faced bizarre service cuts with the new summer timetable. In particular the 8.01 from Norwood Junction has been withdrawn, leaving a gap from 7.49 to 8.14 for a fast train to London Bridge. After a 25 minute gap the 8.14 is already full and many passengers waiting for it cannot board. During the day there is a 15 minute fast service to London Bridge, why make the timetable worse in the rush hour when there is more demand?

If you are affected by this odd service change, please write to or email Southern Railways and on receipt of their standard reply, contact London Travel Watch, who are preparing a case on the matter to submit to Southern Railways and can only act when the railway company has been contacted first. The more complaints they have, the stronger their case.

Yours sincerely

Chris Sciberras

Croydon Green Party

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