Monday, July 05, 2010

Croydon bashing on the airwaves.

Thank you Dave Pettener (Green Party candidate for Sanderstead) for alerting me to Vanessa Feltz' phone in on BBC London last Friday, where a string of people came on to defend or bash Croydon. This all started when the unfortunate Sgt Deucher - the face of Croydon Police - made comments on Facebook about Croydon's cultural deficiencies and joked that, "Research indicates all of Jeremy Kyle's guests can trace their roots back to the lovely town".

Councillor Steve O'Connell and Andy Worden, the editor of the Croydon Advertiser, phoned in to defend the borough BUT it was astute resident Paul who hit the nail on the head:

"Croydon Councillors are bedblockers".

Paul pointed out that Croydon's image problem - which has even been brought to the attention of the House of Commons by Gavin Barwell MP - is down to its ineffectual councillors that sit in the town hall. He correctly asserted that the, "same names keep coming up over and over again in the council" (due to the archaic electoral system), and all they do is "score points off each other. They don't understand the true potential of Croydon".

Paul can be heard around the 42nd minute

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