Sunday, May 09, 2010

Local and General Election results.

Plenty of thoughts running through my head. Until I get a chance to put them down, here are a couple of links:

Full local results can be viewed on the Croydon Council web site and a summary of all the parliamentary seats the Green Party contested can be viewed here.

Green Party percentages in the local elections in Croydon

Bensham Manor - 15.87% (North)
Thornton Heath- 10.93% (North)
South Norwood- 10.33% (North)
West Thornton- 8.54% (North)
Upper Norwood- 8.40% (North)
Sanderstead- 8.33% (South)
Waddon- 8.16% (South)
Selhurst- 7.91% (North)
Ashburton- 7.77% (Central)
Woodside- 7.59% (Central)
Kenley- 7.58% (South)
New Addington- 7.27% (Central)
Shirley- 7.16% (Central)
Norbury- 6.96% (North)
Heathfield- 6.58% (Central)
Croham- 6.57% (South)
Fairfield- 6.23% (Central)
Addiscombe- 5.70% (Central)
Broad Green- 5.38% (North)
Coulsdon West- 5.13% (South)
Purley- 4.83% (South)
Coulsdon East- 4.55% (South)
Selsdon & Ballards- 4.04% (South)
Fieldway- 2.82% (Central)

I also recommend John Cartwright's web site.
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