Monday, May 17, 2010

Letter sent to the papers thanking Green voters

Dear Editor

On behalf of the three Green Party Parliamentary candidates and our 70 local election candidates, may I through your letters page thank all the Croydon electorate who came out and voted on May 6th, and especially those who voted Green. The response to the televised leaders' debates clearly led to much tactical voting, yet so many of you still voted with the courage of your convictions. Hopefully with a reformed electoral system next time round, we will achieve more than just one Green Party MP at Westminster.
Thanks are also due to the Electoral Services staff at the Town Hall. They had two major elections to manage simultaneously and worked all hours of the day and night to ensure their smooth running, whilst remaining unfailingly helpful and courteous.
Yours sincerely

Bernice Golberg
Croydon Green Party Election Agent

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