Thursday, May 13, 2010

ConDems. Spot the difference.

One of our local Green Party members told me the other day that he was always getting mixed up between Clegg and Cameron because they look so similar! What is more, half of the the Lib Dems that now hold cabinet posts have very similar backgrounds to their new Conservative colleagues. Three of the 6 profiles below are Liberal Democrats and other three are Conservatives. Its not east to tell them apart.

Profile 1

Estimated wealth£2.2m. Educated at his local comprehensive school; then went on to Oxford University. First elected to the House of Commons in a by-election in 1989. This person is a Management Consultant by profession and from 1997-2002 was chairman of the International Democrat Union.

Profile 2
Estimated wealth £1m. Brought up in a council house that his parents later bought. Formerly a GP before entering parliament. Studied at University of Glasgow where this person became President of the Conservative Association. Shareholder of Arrest Ltd.

Profile 3
Educated at the private Caldicott School in Bucks and the private Westminister school; then went on to study Social Anthropology at Cambridge University. It was here this person joined the Cambridge University Conservative Association. From 2004-2005, this person was lobbyist for GP Plus, whose clients include the Hertz (rent-a-car) and British Gas.

Profile 4
Educated at a Roman Catholic independent school, and then went to graduate with a double first at Cambridge University in economics. This person went on to be a Vice President at JP Morgan in 1987 to 1992. First elected into parliament in 2001. Has written a collection of essays championing free trade and the private sector.

Profile 5
Studied at Nunthorpe Grammar school; went on to study at Cambridge University. Whist at Cambridge he was contemporary of the Conservative Cambridge mafia - a pejorative term for those who were either President of the Cambridge Union (of which this person was elected) or served on the Cambridge University Conservative Association in the 1960's. Became Chief Economist for Shell in 1995.

Profile 6
This person was educated Nottingham Grammar School and then went on to Cambridge University. He went on to join the Conservatives at University but failed in his attempt to become President of the Cambridge Union. First elected into House of Commons is 1970. This person enjoys jazz music and birdwatching.

source wikipedia and BBC
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Anonymous said...

Number 1 is the Green Party's Rupert Read surely.

Shasha Khan said...


Profile 1 - William Hague
Profile 2 - Liam Fox
Profile 3 - (LD)Nick Clegg
Profile 4 - (LD)David Laws
Profile 5 - (LD)Vince Cable
Profile 6 - Ken Clarke

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