Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Letter on council elections

Dear Editor,

It is very important that the local elections in Croydon on May 6th do not get overshadowed by the General Election on the same day. Presently, there is a fixation on the Westminister parties that are contesting the national elections, especially with regard to the TV leader debates. In actual fact, there is very little to choose between Tory, Labour and the Lib Dems, when one considers their social and economic leanings. Here in Croydon, the third party is not the Lib Dems but the Green Party. The Lib Dems are putting up 46 candidates in the borough. This compares to the 70 candidates the Green Party is standing for council – a full slate. This dramatic rise from 19 in 2006 reflects a growing support, confidence and interest in the Croydon Green Party. Voters are becoming more acutely aware that a principled party, fighting for a fairer Croydon is needed, because a council made up entirely of Tories and Labour is unhealthy for local democracy.

Candidates standing for the Green Party come from all backgrounds. For example, Esther Sutton, standing in Fairfield, is the award winning landlady of the Green Dragon pub; Andy Bebington, standing in Shirley, is the Chair of Croydon Citizens Advice Bureau; Elizabeth DeZoysa is Treasurer of Norbury Residents Association; and Esther Obiri-Darko, standing in Thornton Heath, is the partner of bio-truck explorer Andy Pag. All our candidates recognise that thriving communities within Croydon are dependent on principled politicians who choose: local independent shops above branded supermarkets; measures to ensure we build are a caring society - one that is fairer; and finally, a greener local economy that will withstand the pressures of a future of ever increasing energy prices.

Yours sincerely

Shasha Khan

Green Party candidate for Croydon North and Bensham Manor ward

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