Monday, April 05, 2010

Council's waste contractor implicated in illegal activity

Press Release immediate:


The Green Party in Croydon has been advised that Veolia is engaged in illegal activity in Occupied Palestinian Territory.

Veolia has entered into contracts to provide bus and tramway transport to link the colonised settlements to the Israeli sector of Jerusalem and has undertaken additional services including refuse disposal to a site in the Jordan Valley. The success and profitability of the contracts is predicated on the illegal colonisation of Occupied Palestinian territory; and the Israeli plan to colonize East Jerusalem and environs is dependant upon the provision of services provided by Veolia. Bus services 109 and 110 serve Israeli settlements along Israeli-only route 443 and the planned ‘Jerusalem Tramway’ is to be built on Palestinian land to serve Israeli settlements, existing and planned, to provide Israeli-only transportation within the planned Israeli ‘Greater Jerusalem’. The Tovlan waste management site is on Palestinian land and is projected to handle the waste from the expanding and projected increasing illegal Israeli colonies of ‘Greater Jerusalem’.

Green Party candidate for Croydon Central Bernice Golberg said:

“Arguably, global security is significantly dependent on a peaceful and lasting solution between Palestine and Israel. Most recently, the focus has been on the Israeli settlements. In East Jerusalem Israeli authorities are increasingly inviting international condemnation by expelling Palestinians from areas in East Jerusalem and expanding the new Israeli city eastwards towards the Jordanian border.

Bernice continued

“If it has been established that Veolia is engaged in illegal activity, the Green Party finds it inappropriate that council taxpayers should be actively supporting a company actively engaged in the colonisation of the Occupied West Bank which even the United States now condemns for being an “obstacle to peace”.

Veolia currently have the waste disposal contract with Croydon council and are on the shortlist for the new South London Waste Incinerator.

Under Public Contract Regulations 2006, section 23 (4)(e), contractors found to have “committed an act of grave misconduct in the course of his business or profession” should be precluded from tendering for public contracts.”


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