Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thornton Heath Rec gets a share of the pot

Taken from Croydon Advertiser (8th Jan 10)

Croydon Council has done that thing again where it does something unexplainable, leaving one to try work out why its happened.

Everyone involved in the Parks to be proud of competition was told six parks (two each from the north, centre and south of the borough) were to be chosen across the borough to share the £1.5m. With one day to go before the closing date, Thornton Heath Recreation Ground, for which I am Treasurer of the 'Friends group', was behind Norbury Park in the North section. Our managing committee made a final push to ensure we came in the top two.

I stood outside Thornton Heath station in freezing temperatures urging commuters to vote for our local park. The results show that Thornton Heath Recreation Ground and Wandle Park finished in the top two spots in the North. However, the council in their wisdom have now decided to stretch the £1.5m between 9 parks, and yes Norbury Park is also going to get a share. It appears the council wanted to invest money in certain parks which didn't finish in the top two in the respective sections. So what do they do?? CHANGE THE RULES! Although I am pleased for all the parks that won a share, and commiserations to those that missed out, I for one will be watching closely how the money is allocated!!!

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Plumbing and Heating Croydon said...

Well done to you I know i wouldnt want to be standing out there in the freezing cold!

rubbish clearance said...

keep up the good work mate.

Standing up for what matters