Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Response to Andrew Pelling's letter

In a recent letter to the Croydon Advertiser, the independent Croydon Central MP Andrew Pelling pointed out that Labour were planning to target Green voters in Croydon Central. He rightfully highlighted that Labour were in no position to lecture the Tories on their environmental credentials when they themselves plan to expand Heathrow. He also noted that the Conservative council could not claim to be green if in the same breath they were pushing ahead with an incinerator which would "poison our lungs". However, Pelling is just as guilty to go after the green votes in Croydon Central and his campaign - although he still hasn't declared his intention to stand - is designed to attract Green voters; but just how can voting independent or a collection of independents (for council) ensure a greener Croydon??

hello! Hello! HELLO!!!!! Surely the only way to get green is to 'VOTE GREEN!' as Bernice Golberg explains:

Dear Editor

I was interested to read that Andrew Pelling wants "greener choices available in any Croydon election" (Advertiser 18th December 2009). I can assure both him and the rest of the Croydon electorate that the greenest choices will be provided by the Green Party in the forthcoming elections in 2010.
It is all very well independent candidates being able to vote for or against the proposals of the party in power, according to personal preference, but a collection of independents is not going to challenge the stale two party system.
Without a coherent set of policies how is the electorate to know what they actually stand for? What new ideas do they bring? Or will they just vote yes or no on the same old proposals brought out by the same old ministers?
Compared with the Green Party's joined up thinking on ensuring fairness in matters of health, education and the economy (in addition to environmental issues), independent candidates would seem to have little to offer.

Yours sincerely

Bernice Golberg
Green Party candidate for Croydon Central

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Mike Armstrong said...

Andrew Pelling isn't an independent, he's just a Tory banker who got thrown out of the party for adding to the party's list of MPs who attract the wrong headlines.

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