Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mark Thomas - The Manifesto

Mark Thomas came to Croydon last Thursday as part of his ‘Manifesto’ tour.

The audience on each leg of his tour gets a chance to select a policy which will go into his manifesto for the forthcoming general election.

So far the Manifesto has picked up some really quirky yet rational policies such as:

1. Anyone who supports ID cards should be banned from having curtains.

2. No one should be allowed a second home until everyone has a first home...

3. A national maximum wage

4. A three day weekend

Those attending were invited to fill in the form. The Croydon Clocktower audience ended up with a shortlist of two:

1) Take down the signage at East Croydon station which says, “Welcome to Croydon, Home of Nestle”

2) Citizens have the right to stop and search PCSO’s.

My choice (below) which didn’t get a mention was :-(

The great grandchildren of climate change deniers should be forcibly required to house environmental refugees if global temperatures rise above 5 degrees this century.

Interestingly, the chosen policy was the ‘stop and search’ one – which possibly says more about life experiences in Croydon.

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