Friday, February 27, 2009

Emergency motion falls upon upon deaf ears

'This Council calls on all Members to support a short moratorium to the current schools Consultation to allow Schools, Headteachers, Croydon Council, parents,
teachers and pupils to seek a new consensus for education in Croydon based on
mutual support and respect and allowing local people to shape the future of Education in our borough'
Wednesday's emergency motion tabled by Labour councillors was rejected by the Conservatives. A three line whip (ooh!) was imposed on their councillors. Those of us who were in the public gallery witnessed the latest exhibition of unrepresentative and undemocratic local government. Earlier demonstrators from Croydon SOS held placards with the above poster and donned 'big ears' to highlight the fact that this Conservative council, contrary to their advertising campaign, is simply not listening.
The problem is that the opposition - in this case Labour - cannot offer a principled stance on academies because Labour minister Ed Balls has already rubber stamped the Conservative plans as they adhere to central government policy to open 400 academies. Hence, any attempts by Labour councillors to stop the proposal are viewed as opportunistic. Sigh.
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