Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Local Green encourages everyone to recycle.

The possibility of producing an adult fleece by recycling 25 two litre plastic bottles, among other recycling ‘transformations’, gives the UK the opportunity to dramatically enhance the environment’, local Green Party member Bernice Golberg said today as she encouraged everyone to make a change in Recycle Now Week (2nd – 9th June).

Mrs Golberg warned that although there have been many improvements, urgent progress still needs to be made before the UK matches the efforts of other EU member states.
Speaking with regard to the launch of the ‘transformation’ themed Recycle Now Week, funded by WRAP, Mrs Golberg commented; “Every home in the UK produces over 1 tonne of rubbish every year, that’s over 30 million tonnes each year for the UK as a whole. We must all reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill or incineration and recycling plays its part in that.

“By recycling just one aluminum can enough energy will be saved to run a television set for three hours – an achievement that is essential as we face the climate crisis before us.

“What we need to see now is council support for these opportunities that really could ‘transform’ our future”

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