Thursday, June 14, 2007

Green MEP Caroline Lucus beats Brown and Cameron!


GREEN Party Euro-MP Caroline Lucas has beaten Gordon Brown and David Cameron to be named ‘politician of the year’ in the 2nd Observer Ethical Awards inassociation with Ecover.The MEP, who serves on the Parliament’s Environment, International Trade and Climate Change committees, was chosen ahead of the other two shortlisted politicians by readers of the Observer.

She was presented with the award last night at a central London ceremonyhosted by TV presenter Simon Amstell. Dr Lucas, who is also a Vice President of the RSPCA, said:

“I am delighted to have been named ethical politician of the year – but ofcourse this award isn’t really about me.“It’s about the Green Party, its policies and its fresh approach to politics.

“People are increasingly disillusioned with the three main parties and arelooking for a progressive alternative which genuinely has social andenvironmental justice at its heart.“

While the other parties might be beginning to wake up, to the issue of climate change, for example, only the Greens have both the radical policies needed and the political commitment to deliver them.

“Cameron and Brown may talk green – but its only the Green Party that’s doing green, as an increasing number of people up and down the country are realising.”


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ihtesham kazi said...

The BBC's One Planet progam gave me a perfect chance to listen to a provocative discussion about the future of our global village which is suffering from so many epidemics relating to environmental pollutions. I am, a Bangladeshi is under treatment for lymphoma at SGH (Singapore General Hospital). I am not the only victim for total degradation of environmrent and ecology of Dhaka City, few others also I met here from Dhaka in the same hospital. The picture for Singapore is not better either, as young people are weaiting for treatment.
Ihtesam Kazi

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