Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Comment made to the Croydon Guardian

Upon hearing that the street lighting on the TFL owned Coulsdon by-pass are left on during the day, I am aghast on three fronts. First of all, will someone please switch the lights off!

Secondly, it is a waste of energy and it completely sends the wrong signal to the general public. On the one hand we are encouraged to switch lights off at home yet, as I understand it, we are seeing electricity companies content with leaving the street lights on, claiming that it only costs 20p per day/per light and that EDF will foot the bill. The reality is that it will be household customers and businesses that will have to foot the bill with increased energy prices.

Finally, I am baffled why solar powered or photo sensitive lighting was not installed or even stipulated during the design and build stage.
I have spoken with Green Party London Assembly Member Jenny Jones on this issue and she has demanded an explanation from the head of TFL, Peter Hendy.
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