Friday, February 06, 2015

Vote Hague for Selhurst

Tracey Hague 4 Selhurst

At a packed local meeting on Monday just gone, Tracey was selected as Green Party candidate. The press release below will go up on the web site.

Press release immediate
Vote Hague For Selhurst
Croydon Green Party has selected its co-leader, Tracey Hague, as their candidate for the Selhurst by election.  
Croydon born and bred, Tracey Hague’s career went from a Dance degree via working in the family hotel to becoming a qualified and experienced project manager in the energy sector. As mother of 2 young children she knows the pressures parents face.  An experienced campaigner on environmental and animal rights issues, she has championed health issues - including 3 years on the Scrutiny sub-committee for health, housing and social care.  
Commenting on her selection, Tracey said, “Croydon Council is made up entirely of Labour and Conservative councillors. It needs an alternative, desperately. We have watched with amazement how Labour councillors campaigned against an incinerator in opposition and now in power sanction it; state they have no intention of closing Purley swimming pool if elected in 2014 and now in power threaten to close it; and call for a moratorium on new developments in London Road in ward hustings and now in power carry on developing. Voters must be wondering what the difference is between Labour and Conservative. We need some other colours in the Town Hall so residents are listened to.”
She continued, “The recent surge in membership nationally is being felt locally, up from 76 to 236 within a year (1). Our national polling has shot up as well. The public like the fact that the Green Party wants politics to work for people and not for big business.”
(     1)  – 236 members on 3rd February

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