Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The stall, then and now

 I do find myself getting quite nostalgic about Green Party activity, partly because as the General Election campaign moves into full swing mode, it's hard not compare with previous elections.

On Saturday (21st Feb) Esther Sutton, Peter Underwood and Bernice Golberg had set up the stall from 10am. I was rostered for an afternoon shift, and as usual the opportunity to joust with an anthropogenic global warming sceptic, meet the South African gentleman, who from memory has visited every stall we have done, and exchange email addresses with the Chair of the local mosque just goes to show the old ways of communicating are still effective in this new media age.

There was also plenty of interest in the No to Waddon Motorways campaign that Peter has taken a lead on.

When I arrived at the stall for my stint I noticed the stall was in front of HMV. In the recent past we've been positioned right in the centre of the pedestrian zone, but we've also pitched up on this spot before. I had a look through some old images on my old pc and found a picture which confirms this!

Photo taken on 22nd May 2004

Photo taken on 21st February 2015

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