Tuesday, April 15, 2014

FRACKING: Not everyone agrees with our positon.

So we've spent many hours to produce the image above. First we assembled, then we posed, and then we did the post production, including purchasing the copyright of frack pad image. Many hours work. We got the idea from Lambeth Greens.

Just as local Greens are about to use the image, I spotted something hilarious. The gentleman furthest to the right in the background is indicating his displeasure, at our principled stance, by cupping his hand in the orthodox 'merchant banker' gesture - in our direction! We've decided to crop him in the finished version.

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SMOGBAD said...

Well,it will certainly Chernobylise the water supply....twin towns anyone? solidarity?
Blackpool and Pripyat !

Expert Caudrilla withdrew from the "earthquake" well...why?


but only after pumping millions of gallons of radioactive water into the Manchester Ship Canal......safe !!?? been fishing,anyone?

This debacle is all the more exasperating as the overwhelming of radioactivity dilution capacities of rivers by "flowback water" has been extensively studied and reported by the EPA:


Tracey Hague said...

Both DECC and Ecotricity have found that most people (62-64%) don't want fracking to happen near them.
Even those who favour fracking (28%) don't want it near them (19%).
As IPCC said, time we ditched dirty fossil fuels! I'd add time we reduced our energy consumption (always cheaper to save first) then invested in true renewables. If we ditch the national grid with its 70% losses, we only need a fraction of our current generation capacity & a mix of local renewables can deliver what we need but with more local jobs, cleaner air, more energy security and no toxic legacy for future generations (pun not intended).

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