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Croydon Green Party Manifesto 2014

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Croydon Green Party 2014 Manifesto

1/ Referendum on the incinerator
We oppose the toxic incinerator and will hold a referendum to let residents decide
whether to go ahead with the incinerator. Our alternative is to increase recycling 
by offering incentives to residents, and making it easier and cheaper for businesses, 
charities, schools and places of worship to recycle. 
2/ Save green spaces – No to fracking
Croydon’s parks and woods are for relaxation. Only the Green Party will oppose 
all exploration for gas and oil in our green spaces and under our homes. Hydraulic
fracturing will contaminate ground water, increase the risk of earth tremors and 
industrialise our green spaces.
3/ Dealing with knife crime
Croydon Council, police, residents, and community groups such as charities and 
churches need to work together to combat knife crime. Young people need 
alternatives to gang culture: youth clubs, martial arts, music, sport offer positive 
activities for self-development and enhancing job prospects
4/ Building homes
Croydon needs more affordable social housing whilst protecting green spaces. 
Developments shouldprioritise local residents, not speculative investment, and 
include a suitable mix of reasonably priced accommodation. Tenants in privately
rented housing should be protected from excessive rent levels.
5/ Safer streets
We will consult with local residents on a 20mph limit for all residential roads in 
Croydon. This lower speed limit reduces the casualties from road accidents by 
40%.We will also retain lollipop persons at strategic crossings in order to encourage 
walking to school.
6/ Bike lanes
Croydon has a poor record of investment in cycling, and a low level of cycling. 
The Croydon Green Party would encourage cycling by creating a network of 
safe cyclelanes, cycle friendly streets and routes through parks to help to reduce 
pollution, improve health and provide a faster way to travel.
7/ Fly tipping
This must be tackled robustly by better co-ordination of council staff and police,
publicising a free phone hotline to report fly-tipping, swift removal of rubbish, 
scrapping the collectioncharge forheavy items including mattresses, and the prosecution
of offenders.
8/ Fair pay Croydon
We support the London Living Wage campaign and call on local employers including
Croydon Council and their contractors to implement the London Living Wage for all 
employees. In addition, Croydon Council should establish a 10:1 maximum pay ratio for
council employees.
9/ Preventing flooding
Better planning is needed to avoid flooding and deal with it if necessary. The Council 
must ensure developers prioritise flood resilience and prevention in new buildings, and 
include Climate Change adaptations in existing buildings. Local planning rules need 
strengthening to raise energy efficiency.
10/ Public services
We support high-quality public services run for people not profit. We will maintain the
Council Tax in line with inflation to protect services such as libraries and social care, 
and encourage arts events.   We will also involve residents in decision making e.g. through 
 public meetings and social media.

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