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Final Day of Campaigning - Nov 28th

Candidates' log - star date: 28.11.12

6:30am - Outside Norwood Junction station handing out leaflets.

7.30am - Conservative AM Steve O'Connell arrives. We have a brief chat about Winston's  views on gay adoptions and how it would play out in the poll. We both thought he would get a boost in the polls. Steve tells me that he received an email only last night from a local member who has resigned because of  David Cameron's position on gay marriage.

7:45am - Full compliment of Tories are now outside Norwood Junction. I maintain prime position by the entrance. The Tories, in typical strategic fashion, have got every angle of approach to the station covered. Those approaching the station now have a Tory leaflet in their hands:

I bring a smile to the faces a number of commuters, on this cold morning, as I hold out the Green Knight leaflet:

 "Try this one instead, it tastes better," I tell them!

8:00am - Many are puzzled to the origin of the NORTH CROYDON NEWS leaflet, that is, until I tell them it's a Conservative party leaflet. Devoid of blue ink, and the word Conservative is used twice in the following manner:
Candidate Andy Stranack is "not a typical Conservative," and "not what you'd expect from an aspiring Conservative MP."

8:15am - A couple of commuters take issue with the above leaflet with the Tories [who additionally are not wearing rosettes], asking why they are pushing it as a non - partisan election newsletter rather than a Tory leaflet. Many of their leaflets are thrown in the bin.

8:30am - Head home for breakfast.

Respond to emails and communications at home, followed by lunch.

2:00pm - Start leafleting roads and putting posters up in shops. Thornton Heath High Street is saturated with party political posters.

3:00pm - I pop over to see a Green voting former anti-apartheid campaigner on Elm Road. I am saddened when she explains, fearing a Conservative MP for Croydon North, she voted tactically [via postal vote] and put a cross by Labour. She is saddened when I tell her the Labour candidate is a Blairite.

4:00pm - I start leafleting outside The Islamic Centre on Gillett Road  - not much of a positive reaction here. I have heard from a local shopkeeper they have been urged to vote Labour by the imam because in the past Labour helped them secure funding.

4:30pm - After a couple of other poster stops in shops, I start leafleting outside Thornton Heath station. An Afro-Caribbean woman with her daughter says she is definitely voting Green and takes a poster. She says she follows local news intently and was in no doubt who she was voting for when she saw the Green Knight leaflet come through her letterbox.. I give her a hug!

4:40pm - UKIP candidate Winston McKenzie arrives but decides to occupy the area between the station and Tesco.

4:50pm - A silver haired couple [below] exit the station and say hello to me. They say that I deserve to do well based on the Croydon Advertiser hustings, but tragically the likes of Respect and UKIP may poll better. The lady spots Winston who is slowly edging towards the station entrance. All of sudden the lady challenges Winston on his homophobic views! Winston leaves the area.

5:00pm - The lovely couple offer to help distribute leaflets!

5:05pm - The RESPECT battlebus arrives blaring out Bob Marley songs. Their activists join us in front of the station. Lee Jasper is amongst them.

5:06pm - The lady now turns her attention to the Respect activists and Lee Jasper, challenging them on Galloway's defence of Julian Assange. Language used is fruity, to say the least. To avoid a scene developing everyone calms down through persuasion.

5:15pm - I say thanks to our supporters and bid them fairwell.

5:30pm - I start cycling towards Norwood Junction,  I am due to meet Mick O'Sullivan there and a Green member who has just moved from Horsham.

5:45pm - Arrive and commence leafleting. Many commuters recognise me from the morning. I AM NOW FREEZING COLD!!!

6:00pm - A first time voter asks me questions about how to vote and policies. She says she's waiting for her boyfriend. Realising many of the issues we campaign on are important to her, she takes some leaflets and helps out.

6:30pm - Mick O'Sullivan arrives.

7:00pm - Head home, whilst continuing to stop to get posters affixed on shop windows.

[Checked my emails - the new Green member abandoned plans to come to Norwood Junction because of delays on the Southern railway]
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