Friday, November 23, 2012

Brendan's letter in the Croydon Guardian

Dear Editor 

Well done for your front page article last week, reminding us all that it is not just the incinerator fumes, but the increase in traffic (and diesel fumes) that will adversely affect the quality of life for those of us living downwind of the plant. Boris Johnson has said that the level of public opposition will be one of the factors which will guide his decision on whether or not to allow the incinerator to be built. The Stop the Incinerator campaigners urge you to send emails to Boris Johnson to show your opposition.

A vote for the Green Party at the Croydon North by-election would also send a strong message to Boris that the incinerator is against wishes of the people of Croydon. I urge your readers to use this opportunity to make your feelings known.

Brendan Walsh,
Thornton Heath.

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