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Saima Raza's letter in the local papers

From Croydon Guardian - Nov 30th 2011

Our local party continues to grow at a great pace. One of our newest members Saima Raza (above) had a letter published on fuel poverty in both the Croydon Advertiser and Croydon Guardian.

Dear Editor,
The combination of the dire economic outlook and energy prices hikes, it does not bode well for Croydon or the whole of Britain for that matter. A recent found almost 21,800 persons in England (over-65) passed away as a result of ‘adverse conditions’, these so-called ‘winter deaths’ occurred across just four months between December 2010 and March 2011. People are having to make dire choices between staying warm or staying full, a sacrifice that no one ought to be subjected to. London is not short of initiatives to alleviate fuel poverty, ranging from promoting a low carbon economy, to home insulation to energy saving schemes. The Rural Services Network (2010) found there were 133,287 households in Croydon alone living in fuel poverty, as one of the more densely populated boroughs of London this constitutes almost 10% of all households.
Energy companies intent on putting prices up are undermining efforts by people to lift themselves out of fuel poverty. Croydon residents need to ensure Croydon Council makes good on their fuel poverty alleviation pledges by working to reduce carbon emissions and live up to the ‘Keep Croydon Warm’ scheme which offers free home insulation measures to improve energy efficiency for certain residents. With fossil fuels diminishing, an investment in energy efficiency and renewables will create jobs and help boost the economy.
Yours sincerely
Saima Raza
Croydon Green Party

She also has written pieces for various newspapers around the world:

Analysis: A New Kind of Uprising

Welcome Saima!

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