Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Front page coverage: MONEY TO BURN

One would have probably assumed that burning South London's waste in Kent would be more preferable to local councillors than Beddington Lane (borders of Sutton and Croydon). WRONG; money Money MONEY is more important than a) nimbyism and b) recycling.

Instead, what our councillors have ensured is that in 15/20 years time when we as a society will have no choice but to reuse, recycle and compost all our waste, because of increased demand of raw materials from emerging economies, we will end up sending our recyclables to the local, all polluting, incinerator OR import waste from elsewhere to feed the beast.

Of course, the correct solution is not to incinerate anywhere - as my comment states (link to online version).

Just to clarify, they could have taken the ultra attractive option of basking in the glory of sending all of South London's waste outside of South London for another county to manage BUT they choose not to. I am incredulous that they have taken this decision.

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