Thursday, November 03, 2011

Did you forget about those without wheelie bins?

These photos were just taken on Princess Road [a road close to where I live]. There are piles of rubbish on the pavement, some spilling on the road.

I spoke to some conscientious Princess Road residents yesterday evening. Unsurprisingly, they are not happy with the present situation. Two out of the three households I spoke to have contacted the council but with no success. The unacceptable situation depicted in these images stems from the fact that these compact homes do not have wheelie bins. They have steps leading down to their front porches from the road. One assumes unless the wheelie bins are left permanently on the pavement it would be near impossible to use a standard wheelie bin. NEVERTHELESS, THERE MUST BE A SOLUTION!

All three households I spoke to said the council wrongly assumes that everyone pays attention to what comes through their door. They felt that people on their road were confused about when the refuse collectors were coming. I had to point out to one of the three that he should leave his rubbish out tomorrow night [Thursday] as the dust carts are scheduled to come this Friday.

This was the point I've been making all along to the local papers. Money must be set aside to educate, inform and support residents. The Tory council have just seen the fortnightly bin collections as a route to save money. In this instance an environmental solution has led to an environmental problem. THE COUNCIL MUST MAKE THIS WORK.

There is another issue that arises from this rubbish situation. I understand that the Labour councillors in Selhurst [an ultra safe Labour ward] know about this problem. However, it seems that the residents have no elected politicians representing their point of view when dealing with the council. Somehow I think this wouldn't be the case if this was marginal seat where every vote counted.

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