Friday, June 03, 2011

A pitiful number of Black police officers in Croydon.

Outside Norbury Police Station with Sian Berry, Green Party London Mayoral candidate 2008

Croydon Advertiser invited me to comment on data received using FOI showing a pitiful number of black police officers based in Croydon.

Only two per cent of Croydon police officer are black

Full comment below:

These numbers are hardly surprising given that the Met is still perceived to be institutionally racist by the Black Police Officers Association. Given this label still hangs around the Met, it’s going to be difficult to increase the number of officers from black communities. The fact that Safer Neighbourhood Teams in Croydon are under review because of the cuts won’t help the situation. PCSO’s do some excellent work within schools that help pull down the historical barriers of mistrust that still exist for Black and Asian communities with regard to relations with the police.

I don’t know anyone Black or Asian who is a police officer. I do however know many people of BME origin who are public servants. This also suggests that ethnic minorities don’t see opportunities for career progression within the Met.

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