Monday, February 22, 2010

Candidates in 'anti gay' spat

Gordon Ross' report on the Croydon Area Gay Society hustings has caused a bit of a stir, at least with UKIP candidate Ralph Atkinson. A Croydon Advertiser reporter contacted us saying their paper had received a letter from Mr Atkinson. In the letter he stated that we (Croydon Green Party) were calling him "anti gay". As a result of the reporter's investigation, this piece appeared in the Croydon Advertiser. Gordon is absolutely right, we have nothing to apologise for.

A clarification: Bernice Golberg is the candidate for Croydon Central. Gordon is standing in Croydon South.

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GreenRam said...

Seems to me the UKIP candidate is taking part in a little attention seeking in order to boost his profile. Can't blame him for that I guess, politician needs to get his name known in order to stand any chance of election. His comments were discriminant and Gordon has nothing to apologise for. I am glad Gordon has stood by what he said, it's a shame this UKIP candidate seems unable to stand by what he believes without complaining when others disagree.

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