Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bottled water served at council meetings

Local Green Party candidate Chris Sciberras asked a cuddly yet interesting question at the last full council meeting. It certainly tickled the writer of 'The Insider' column in the Croydon Advertiser.

The question asked was:

'Would Croydon Council set an example of sustainable practice by replacing bottled water with tap water at all council meetings and other events?'

The cabinet member for 'resources and customer services' replied by saying that it wasn't possible because glasses of water are more easily spilt on electrical equipment. Hmmm.

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Sue said...

You might want to try asking this question: 'How much money does the Council spend on buying bottled water each year, including water coolers and bottles at all council buildings?'

Or, in slightly more aggressive Taxpayers' Alliance speak:

"How much taxpayers' money is being outrageously wasted on bottle water by Croydon Council each year?"

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