Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Park Vs Park in Croydon

It seems Thornton Heath Recreation Ground is in battle again for money. Hopefully, we won't be stung by the council once again:

Taken from our summer2009 leaflet:
More evidence on how Thornton Heath Recreation Ground is being neglected by the council was seen in the Help a London Park vote organised by the Mayors Office. Members of the Friends
of Thornton Heath Recreation Ground, of which Shasha Khan is co-founder, pressed local residents to vote for the park. Unbelievably, the Chief Executive for the council emailed all council employees, to ask them to support the Wandle Park bid.
It was left to the Green Party to challenge this sharp practice. Green Party London Assembly member Darren Johnson, wrote to London Mayor Boris Johnson for an explanation. Thanks to this intervention, the Mayor recognised the potential embarrassment and offered help in finding other sources of funding.

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