Friday, July 24, 2009

Letter on BNP

Thanks to your article (BNP candidate in race "rant" enquiry, July 17th) the British National Party stands condemned out of its own mouth.

While stating that he "will probably use different words" when he "addresses the electorate" Clifford Le May admits he stands by his outrageous racist claims. Worse still, when the party press spokesman was asked to comment, he not only stated that he agreed with the sentiments expressed, but advised wording these "more politely".

Croydon Central voters should be in no doubt about the true nature of this racist party, whichever way their candidate "couches his language". At a time when we are looking for honesty and trustworthiness in our elected representatives, I suggest voters should now be aware that they will not find these qualities in the BNP. For those despairing of finding these qualities in any political party, may I suggest a visit to the Croydon Green Party website

Bernice Golberg
Green Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Croydon Central

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Rayatcov said...

The Green Party? Oh yes they are the ones who want to take us back to the stone age.

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