Sunday, June 21, 2009

Letter on people before profits or profits before people


Dear Editor,

I read Conservative Jason Hadden’s letter with interest. I understood it as an attempt at distancing himself from the political class currently embroiled in the expenses scandal. It is good to see politicians claim that that they “got into politics to help people”.
However, I disagree with the conclusion that the best route to help people is by joining the Conservative Party, a party whose roots are deep in the political class, that views those trimmings that come with the job as an entitlement, a party that is well known for prioritising profits before people.
By contrast, Green politicians are not looking to board the gravy train. It is no accident none of our elected representatives have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar and audits and league tables prove this.
Long before the ethics of MP’s expenses became news, Greens have been committed to transparency and honesty. It is unsurprising that last month’s YouGov poll concluded that Green politicians are “least likely to put self-interest before country” and that the Green Party’s leader Caroline Lucas MEP has just been voted ‘Ethical Politician Of The Year 2009’ – an accolade she has now one twice in the last three years.
Voters in their droves are realising that the Greens are the fresh alternative to the grey parties, representing people as a whole. You only need to see the results of the Euro Elections in Croydon where our polling increased by 50 per cent.

Yours sincerely

Shasha Khan
Croydon Green Party

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