Monday, June 08, 2009

Euro votes for London region at City Hall

I joined fellow London candidates last night at City Hall for the European Parliamentary Election 2009: London Region Consolidation of votes, allocation of seats and declaration of results. The event just like the title of the event itself could have been organised more efficiently. The TV screens that showed the rolling total as final numbers were being returned by the boroughs was inadequate in size. I reckon some of the front rooms around where I live possess TV screens larger in size. When I did get a chance to view the monitor in between armpits and over shoulders, I noticed we had finished second in a couple of boroughs. From memory, Hackney and Lewisham - possibly more.

From what I was able to note from the screen, below is the (unconfirmed) result from the Croydon jury. Full regional and national results can be seen on the BBC web site.

It is little disappointing that such a fantastic increase in vote share didn't translate to more seats but I guess thats down to the reduction from nine to eight seats in the region AND the rather disproportionate D'Hondt proportional representation system which is used. I heard Caroline Lucas say in an interview that we would have done a lot better if the UK used the same method used in Germany.


BNP 3898 (5%)
Christian 3501 (4%)
Conservative 25608 (32%)
Jury Team 293 (0%)
Lib Dem 7957 (10%)
No 2 EU (1%)
Libertas 380 (0%)
Socialist Labour 547 (1%)
Green 7092 (9%) ---- up from 6%
Labour 14813 (19%)
Socialist GB 138 (0%)
UKIP 10921 (14%)
Yes to Europe 154 (0%)
Ind. Alacantara 51 (0%)
Ind. Cheung 173 (0%)
Ind. Jananayagam 3128 (4%)
Ind. Rahman 93 (0%)
Ind Saad 65 (0%)

Turnout = 34%

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