Friday, December 12, 2008

Council Education Director responds to letter

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Anonymous said...

I think it is rather strange that the executive director has written to the paper explaining their motives - surely that is the role of Croydon's elected representatives, not council officers? Seems borderline party political to me.

Shasha Khan said...

Thanks for your comment Sue. I too was bit surprised to see the Director of Education coming out to 'bat' for the council. Now that the councillor responsible for education has been dismissed, these Tories are struggling to find someone to put on the ‘pads’. Dave Hill is the nearest thing to an Academies 'all rounder'. He was brought in from Merton where he was responsible for the academisation of a school.
I have just sent in my 'reverse swing' rejoinder to the paper, mentioning the fact that a council officer is doing the Tories dirty work.

PS Just finished watching the test match in Chennai. Can you tell??

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