Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Cllr Gatland is a former IRA activist.

Photo: Kent News and Pictures and Daily Telegraph

It's intriguing when something seemingly innocuous suddenly has a devastating impact. This story has hit national news now, yet when Croydon SOS activist Dr Peter Latham asked his question from the public gallery on Monday night - very few could have predicted this fallout. In fact in a meeting afterwards, the Croydon SOS group felt that Peter had maybe missed the opportunity to ask a pertinant question on Academies to Cllr Gatland. WELL, WE WERE WRONG.
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scott redding said...

Doesn't Latham's actions endanger her life? I mean, she was convicted in absentia by the Provisional IRA for treason, and sentenced to death.

Gordon said...

What was asked, where the implication wasn't clear?

Shasha Khan said...

Dr Peter Latham has stated in interviews that he was "gobsmacked and amazed" that none of the council knew about her background. Given this point and the fact that he made an ambiguous point that no one understood, arguebly Cllr Gatland could have simply kept quiet if she was concerned about her safety.
Moreover, if you don't want to endanger your life, don't write a kiss and tell book about the IRA.

Gordon said...

That's not fair... Why dont we extradite people to countries where they may face the death penalty...

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