Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tory leaflet

I personally would like to 'thank' the Conservative Party for distributing a leaflet promoting our national policies in Thornton Heath. Admittedly, it was designed to scare voters into not voting for the Green Party and/or Ken but we will overlook that for the moment.
Interestingly, the tactic is all the more surprising when one considers that 5 years ago David Cameron wanted a comprehensive discussion on alternatives to drug prohibition and Alan Duncan supported the idea of full legalisation of cannabis.
Currently, there is a worldwide trend towards the decriminalisation of cannabis. Countries such as Spain, Italy and Switzerland are prepared to have a pragmatic and mature stance on such issues but we appear to have elected representatives that wish to play politics with the issue rather than listen to experts. Even in USA, Barack Obama has pledged to decriminalise cannabis if he becomes president.
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