Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oak Tree saved in Upper Norwood

We have received a note of thanks (see below) from residents in Upper Norwood for our efforts ensuring a 150 year old oak tree was not chopped down. For our part we had a lengthy discussion with the council officer who is responsible for Tree Preservation Orders. In all, it was the combined effort of locals pulling together and voicing their concerns that saved this tree from developers' plans.

Link to article in paper

"Thank you for all your support in our campaign to save our Oak tree, in Harold Road.
On Wednesday night we were informed that this campaign reached the Cabinet Minister responsible in Central Government and we were informed that the council was then instructed by them to request that the developer re draw his plans so that it did not involved the felling of this tree.
The Wildlife Crime Unit in Scotland Yard also got involved and supported us in stopping this crime by contacting the developer and the tree surgeons and informed them that they would be prosecuting if the tree felled, after nesting birds and sightings of bats were seen in the tree, in addition The Safer Neighbourhood Team heard of our story and became involved and climbed the tree to make a report of the the wildlife in it to support any evidence if felled

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Nice work, well done guys!

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