Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Press release: Greens go to Freewheel!

----Press Release: Croydon Greens go to Hovis London Freewheel.

Members of Croydon Green Party will join 38,000 other cyclists this Sunday (23rd September 2007) for the Hovis London Freewheel. In fact registrations for the event reached capacity two weeks ago.

Spokesperson for Croydon Green Party, Shasha Khan, said:“The fantastic response to the event just goes to show how many cyclists will take to the roads if they were made much safer.”

It is estimated that 40 per cent of Londoners have access to a bike, but only five per cent use one regularly (1)Metropolitan Police research has revealed that 63% of motorists break the capital's 30mph speed limit.

As well as being a major cause of death and injury, the intimidation caused by speeding traffic is a key factor dissuading more Londoners from getting on their bikes. (2)The Green Party has consistently called for a 20mph speed limit in London’s residential areas. It is estimated that this measure would save up to 200 lives and 25,000 injuries.

Shasha Khan continued:“Reducing the standard speed limit in Croydon’s residential areas is one way to encourage more people to cycle to work or school. Another measure is to improve cycle route design in Croydon. The council acknowledges there are many urgent cycle route corrections that need to be carried out in the borough. On 2nd July I wrote to Tory Council Leader Mike Fisher to join me in a cycle ride around Croydon so that he could experience the dangers that cyclists endure. I am sad to say that despite receiving an acknowledgement card, to date I have not received a reply. “



(2) http://www.lcc.org.uk/index.asp?PageID=213
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ol said...

Making cyclists feel safer is key to getting more cyclists on the road. Although cycling is actually a pretty safe way of getting around dealing with the percieved threats (giving them more defined road space for example) would help persuade people to get on their bikes. Cycling is inherently safe, it just has to be seen to be.
I contribute toward a blog: Tredztalk that is attempting to gather all sorts of useful cycle to work (or any other kind of cycle commute) info.

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