Thursday, September 27, 2007

Croydon Greens at London Freewheel

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Anonymous said...

great video guys!

Matt Wardman said...

Good video, but the Boris Johnson reference is rather cheap and nasty - bearing in mind that the guy has been cycling in Central London for almost a decade.

Shasha Khan said...

Thank you for your appreciation of the video. However, I do not accept your cheap and nasty comment. Boris is a calculating politician that has benefited from his ‘bumbling baffoon’ persona. It has boosted his public popularity. The image used, which was taken at the event, maintains this persona. It can be argued the video does him a favour.

Matt Wardman said...


Sorry, Shasha - I just don't buy that.

You were at an event to promote cycling, and you chose not to give attention to one of the highest profile cycling politicians in the whole country.

That says a lot.

btw - how does one get clearance to use a Queen track - quite a coup.

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