Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Water Fountains letter published in local paper

Online version of letter

Water fountains at all-time low
Sep 1 2006

Your story regarding the withdrawal of drinking fountains at Westcroft Sports centre in Carshalton comes at a time when the availability of public water fountains must be at an all-time low since they were introduced.
Why Sutton Council couldn't simply take steps to ensure that the water in the fountains wasn't too warm is not revealed in your story, but the bigger story is the steady switch to expensive, environmentally damaging plastic bottles of pretty much identical water, as several studies have revealed.
I suspect many others of my generation share my aversion to shelling out a lot of money for a packaged version of what was until recently available freely as a public service.
This is one Victorian value that Sutton Water company and Sutton Council might do well to embrace.What about a campaign to bring back our drinking fountains to our parks and High Streets?

Bob Steel
Sutton and Croydon Green Party

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