Monday, September 25, 2006

Mobile phone mast protest.

Steve Harris (left)

Shasha Khan joined Green Party candidate for Croham ward Steve Harris, to protest against the installation of a 3G mobile phone mast on top of South Croydon Sports Club.

Steve has been working hard to keep the local residents informed of the developments and yesterdays turnout is testament to his efforts.

There has not been nearly enough research into the health implications of masts. Phone masts should not be put up in residential areas, near schools or hospitals until conclusive research has been carried out to prove that they are safe. Moreover the "international guidelines" on EMF levels - which the UK subscribes to - are very misleading. In fact acceptable levels vary wildly between each country: Switzerland's levels are 100 times lower than the UK's levels.

The whole area of mobile phones has developed too fast. International guidelines have been hastily assembled without sufficient research being done. Of course there are many economic and social benefits to the modern telecommunications systems, but these must be balanced by the guaranteed health and safety of local people.

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MJP said...

i'm glad turnout was good, i was planning on coming along, but sadly overslept by a good couple of hours!!!

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