Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Queen Mary Road

[April 2006]After discussing traffic problems with residents of Upper Norwood’s Queen Mary Road, Mayor Ken Livingstone’s Road Safety Ambassador Jenny Jones has called for more pedestrian-focussed solutions in the area.

Jenny, Green Party London Assembly Member, visited the area at the invitation of Green Party candidate Shasha Khan.

Shasha Khan said, “Due to the narrow road and limited car parking spaces, it is impossible for vehicles to pass on the street. One night recently a local resident counted more than 20 vehicles lined up in a ‘Mexican standoff’ on the road.”

Jenny Jones added, “Streets should be for the people who live there, with enough space for their needs, not for motorists who want to rat run to save a few minutes.”

“Home zones are often the answer for local people, slowing down the traffic to speeds where crossing the road becomes easy even for the slowest pedestrians, where children can play, and where the quality of life is improved for everyone.”

Standing up for what matters