Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Letter sent to local papers


Dear Editor,

I have just dug up two Conservative newsletters that were circulated before the council election. I am not in the habit of keeping such literature, but after reading that the Conservative Leader has backtracked on his pledge to keep Crosfield open, I just had to remind myself what the Tories stated. One newsletter has a photograph of a group of protesters with the caption, “ Conservatives supporting Crosfield workers demonstrating outside the Town Hall”. The other newsletter lists the, ”Key election pledges”. At the top it says HONESTY followed by the statement, “People are sick of politicians promising one thing before an election and doing something else afterwards.” I am gobsmacked and disgusted. So many voters must feel cheated. It took less than two weeks to find out what this Council were about. The Conservative and Labour Parties think they are a law unto themselves. What is most galling, is that they are ‘U turning’ on an issue which affects one of the most vulnerable groups in the borough. Their leader, David Cameron, talks of social justice and compassionate conservatism. Well, if anybody was in any doubt, it’s the same old Tories – always cheating - and not an ounce of compassion in sight. Is it any wonder that so many voted for an alternative in the local elections? People want people to come first.

Yours sincerely

Shasha Khan
Croydon Green Party
Windmill Road

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Mike Armstrong said...

Tory web site

Conservative spokesman on Health & Social Care, Cllr Margaret Mead, says "This is a black day for workers with a disability in our town. The Conservative Group firmly believes that Crosfield could have been saved and made strong for the future. Instead its workers are on the scrap-heap, thanks to a Labour Council which simply doesn't care.

"The Conservatives would have kept the workshop open after the May election, but Labour has pre-empted that by closing it down. Shame on them."

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