Friday, April 21, 2017

Woodmansterne Green Belt Residents Association AGM

I went along to last night's WGBRA AGM. It was interesting and enjoyable, with lots of friendly people in attendance.

The meeting started off with a presentation by Sandra from the KEEP OUR ST HELIER HOSPITAL KOSHH. It was a hard hitting opening to the AGM and it certainly caused a stir. Representatives from KOSHH are fantastic campaigners. They get everywhere. One even made a presentation at the Stand Up To Racism rally.

Towards the end of the meeting the Conservative Councillor Ken Gulati took questions, Much of the discussion revolved around planning applications on Green Belt land. This prompted me to lodge objections when I got home.

I got a chance to ask Cllr Gulati about the mulchy ice rink that developed last autumn and winter on the pavement at the bottom of Rectory Lane. We all had to slip, slide and sludge our way through as there was no other route. Other residents agreed with me and suggested that fallen leaves never used to cause this problem but cuts to street sweepers coupled with the installation of the mobile phone mast and crucially, the ancillary box beside it were contributory factors. To my surprise it seemed Surrey Council didn't know anything about the issue!!


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