Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Jim Clugston RIP

Jim Clugston (left)

Earlier this month we heard that Jim Clugston had sadly passed away.

Jim was a unique individual. He lived in New Addington, which is demographically speaking the area in Croydon you are least likely to find a Green party member. The fact that the British National Party has attracted significant support in New Addington indicated how it is the polar opposite of North Laine in Brighton, for example.

I recall he told me his next door neighbour had a BNP poster on his their window!

Jim had stood for council elections in New Addington and had been active for a number of years. He was always on hand to support the local party, whether it be leafleting, writing letters to the local paper or standing as a candidate. He was very much active in the local CND group and was one of the first to embrace the transition town concept in Croydon. He was also someone who would take the time to send me an email (to comment/credit) if he spotted something Green party related in the local paper.

This blog has some record of this Green party activity here, including how he generated power from scrap metal!

In recent times, due to a misunderstanding, this is how I would describe it, with regard to a social media post, Jim had decided to distanced himself from the Green party. I think those of us who observed the episode were quite frankly disappointed it ever happened. I remember my colleague Bernice Golberg pointing out it reinforced her view to stay clear of social media.

It is sad to think we won't see Jim again.

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