Monday, December 14, 2015

Sian Berry and local Greens at the Beddington incinerator site.

In the foreground Tracey Hague. Behind her you can see the incinerator being built.

Last Friday Green Party Mayoral candidate Sian Berry came to our part of the city. Martyn Post, Maeve Tomlinson and I met Sian at Hackbridge station.

We took a couple of photos in the pouring rain, which are in this news story in the Sutton Guardian and then made our way to Beddington Lane tram stop to meet others.

It was at this point that the visit ended up inadvertently revealing two important issues:

1) One of our group said that she had walked up to a Viridor 'information office' on her last visit to Beddington Farmlands. So, we wandered along the road towards the site [see road in the picture above]. As we approached the end of the pavemented section of the road, we were greeted by someone I thought was a random Viridor employee. He turned out to be Andrew Turner, part of Viridor's PR machine. Inside Croydon has written about this here.

2) The foundation work being done on the new waste plant has brought home a realisation of just how close the incinerator is to the main road -Beddington Lane. The crane and excavation equipment is just a couple hundred yards behind, Green Party GLA candidate for Sutton and Croydon, Tracey Hague.

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