Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Public Question - Council 20 July - Clean up for bill posting‏

From Mr Shasha Khan   
Councillor  Mark Watson  
Question No.   
Given the levels of fly posting by the SayNo20mph campaign and the clear links between their web site and the UKIP Croydon North web site (the 20mph pages are identical), will this council bill UKIP for the clean-up operation or even seek a prosecution?  
Officers have made enquiries regarding the flyposting of SayNo20mph materials. The identity of the person or organisation responsible for the flyposting is not clear and there has been no admission of guilt by any one person. As the Council is unable to prove who actually put them up, the evidential basis for enforcement action, including prosecution or seeking the costs of removal, is not straightforward. The Council is unable to enforce purely based on links and assumptions.   
A warning regarding flyposting has nevertheless been sent to the contact address listed on the SayNo20mph materials as being involved and the materials were removed. No further materials were put up after that point to our knowledge. No reply was forthcoming from the contact address.  
The Council is unable at this point in time to take any more action. Our response has been measured and, insofar as the flyposting appears to have occurred only on those lamp columns where the Council’s own scheme notices were displayed, is considered proportionate.  

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