Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Letter received from UKIP

Following the press release (post below and here) which ended up being the most read article on Inside Croydon last week, both Inside Croydon and I received an email from Paul Oakley, UKIP London Regional Organiser Team.

The emails says a lot including:

"UKIP have not the slightest idea whether or not Mr Morgan is responsible for the actions about which you complain. Please note however that his membership of UKIP was rescinded some weeks ago. As such, it is false to suggest as you and Mr Khan do that this is a UKIP campaign."
Also, it appears that the UKIP web site is not approved.

"All UKIP websites must be officially-approved. There are no UKIP websites for these areas." 
So it appears Peter Morgan is too extreme for UKIP. Quite an achievement. Moreover, the UKIP Croydon North web site is not approved. Does anyone in UKIP know what is going on in Croydon North? What a joke.

After an exchange of emails, Inside Croydon has posted this article on Morgan:

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